Student Government focuses on three main areas:


1. Encouraging students to build relationships in every  area of their life

2. Aiding the students academically

3. Challenging students to engage in their community

Spiritual Life

Chapel – allows the students, faculty and staff an opportunity to come together in worship and prayer with great teaching to encourage spiritual growth.

Student Learning Center

The student learning center is a great place for catching up on homework between classes or forming a study group for test preparation.

Tutors will be available to help students throughout the school year.

Campus Counselors

During the duration of a student’s career at New Life Bible College & Seminary, difficult life situations may arise and we desire to assist students through these difficult times.  In addition to the always supportive faculty and staff, the college has several professionally trained counselors through New Life Guidance Center to aid students to work through particular situations and stress with a biblical context.

We offer intensive, accelerated, online, and traditional classes.

Student Government


Athletic facilities - a gym, weight room

Student lounges - study groups, bible studies, floor activities, watch TV, etc

Student center - comfortable couches, study tables, snack machines, televisions, computers

Campus Recreation

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