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 As a trained professional with a BS in Psychology, a MSED in Education Counseling, a D.Min in Counseling Psychology, and a D.Min in Christian Education, Anne has worked extensively as a counselor, educator and trainer in schools, agencies, private practice and churches.She has provided workshops and seminars such as: raising self-esteem in children, parent/teen relationships, effective parenting, Beauty of the Woman and many more.

 Anne has over 25 years experience working with young people and families, and is the Administrator for New Life School of Excellence and the Director of New Life Guidance Center.

President Dr. Anne Harris

BS, MS ED, D. Min  

 La Fayette Scales  is the senior pastor of Rhema Christian Center, a church that is making an impact in northeast Columbus Ohio.

a Fayette has ministered to men across the United States and throughout the world. Through the network of local churches, La Fayette is recognized and set in the Church as an Apostle and functions in that capacity to many leaders, churches, and ministries locally, nationally, and internationally.  

 La Fayette has authored two books: What is the Church Coming To and It’s The Walk Not The Talk. In addition, he has been a featured speaker at Back to the Bible Conference.

Dr. La Fayette Scales


Willa Brown is a graduate from the University of Dayton with a Masters in Social Agency counseling, and a B.S. from Park College in Social Psychology. She has worked with adults/youth with various social/emotional problems, and physical/sexual abuses.

 Willa’s desire is to help the people of God become set free and fulfill their purpose.

 Tony Ransom  is a professional counselor who works with children, adolescents and their families. He is known for using psychological principles to help believers identify problematic thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and overcome them" by applying Bible principles to their situation.

 Tony has an Associate Degree in liberal arts from Grand Rapids Community College, a Bachelor’s Degree in social work from Ashland University and a Master’s Degree in Christian counseling from Oral Roberts University.

 Tony Ransom


 John Hazelwood is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and received his Master’s from Kaplan University. He is also a graduate from, and has taught at the International Leadership Training Institute.

 John and his wife Pat currently serve as the Marriage and Family Directors and are part of the Pastoral Care Team at Eagle Rock Church in Pickerington, OH.

 God has prepared him personally through the years to be a source of strength to those who choose to walk with the Lord.

John E. Hazelwood Jr. BLS, MAT


Dr. Michael Lee Harris is the Pastor of New Life Outreach Christian Center. He is also the Director of the ML Harris All Boys Academy.

Dr. Michael Lee Harris

Lorelle Moore

BS, M. Div.

 Lorelle Moore is a pending author who began her pursuit of higher education focusing on Business Communications and Marketing Strategies. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, a Master of Divinity Degree in Pastoral Counseling. She is certified in Executive Leadership in Management, and will be graduating with her Doctorate (PhD) in Organizational Behavior and Leadership Studies from Ashland University, May 2017.

Lorelle Moore’s desire is that people walk in their purpose for kingdom living according to God’s word. Her heartfelt goal is to teach biblical truths that are relevant to her listeners and through relationship building, promote Christian maturity. Her sincere prayer is that all of God’s people grow in relationship with their creator, redeemer and sanctifier, Jesus Christ.

 Robb Dale is Master of Religious Education at Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary. He has worked several years in ministry as a preacher, teacher,and worship leader.  His desire is to prepare students to learn and be prepared for Marketplace Ministry and the Church Ministry.

Robb Dale


Patricia has a Masters in Education with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction.

“I believe if you are not wiling to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn no one can stop you.”


Attorney James Leickly

James graduated from law school with honors and has been practicing law for 30 years.

Patricia Brown

M. Ed

Willa Brown  MS ED

Dean of Counseling Dept.

  Marshall Taylor II was an assistant pastor from 1999 to 2001 at Word of Grace Church, Detroit, MI. He founded and pastored Grace and Peace Ministries, Sylvania, OH for 12 years before resigning, and relocating to Columbus,OH. The Lord placed on his heart in 2015 to plant and establish Grace and Peace Ministries in Columbus.

Marshall has the mission of working to build the church of God locally, the heart to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and a love for God's people.

He has a B.S. degree in Economics from Northern Illinois University, a Master's in Biblical Studies from North Carolina College of Theology (MBC), and a Doctorates degree in Biblical Studies from Midwest Bible College, Milwaukee. He is currently in process of becoming an author of his first book dealing with divine kingdom leadership.


Marshall Taylor II

B.S. Eco, M.B.C, D.B.S.

Daphene Echols

B.S. Ed, M.A. Ed

Daphene is the founder of The Word in Motion Ministries, Inc. (, serves as an evangelist at her local church, and serves in numerous external outreach ministries. She is writing a book called, My Journey of Grace, Against All Odds I Made It, which is designated to be completed by the third quarter 2017.

Daphene loves to brighten up lives, use her talents to make dreams come true, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, effect change/healing in lives. Daphene strives to do whatever it takes to implement God’s purpose and plan.

She has B.S and M.A degrees in Education from OSU, a Business Banking degree from University of Wisconsin, an Associate degree from the Midwest Bible College, and numerous certifications, including one for Christian Counseling.