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NLBCS College of Christian Counseling


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Dual Credits

At New Life Bible College, we offer the student the ability to attend college while working on a high school diploma through New Life School of Excellence.

Christian Counseling

The Christian Counseling degree program is designed to prepare the student for the   ministry of counseling to individuals, couples, families, and special focus groups within the context of the local church, para-church ministries, church-related agencies, and the market place. The program enables the student to employ integrative therapies: integrating proven, effective counseling methods, models, and modalities, with sound biblical and theological principles. The vision of the church is to be a healing community. Hope for hurting individuals and families is an essential element of the Christian message. The counseling program equips the student to help people realize personhood wholeness in every area of human life – spirit, mind, and body – and to facilitate marriage and family harmony and enrichment.

The student will also receive certifications in:

Undergraduate: 120 hours

Graduate:  36 hours

Doctorate: 45 hours

*Practicum and Internship are included*

“Training Leaders to Impact This World for the Kingdom of God”


Christian Education

Christian Education is designed to provide advanced training in Biblical principles of Christian Education and prepares a student to perform educational tasks in a Christian setting. Among these are teaching, supervising, developing, and implementing Christian education programs.

Settings such as:

Undergraduate: 120 hours

Graduate:  36 hours

Doctorate: 45 hours

*Practicum and Internship are included*

New Life Leadership Institute

There is a desperate need for quality, qualified leaders who can develop, implement and manage ministry services in the church and marketplace.The focus of the Leadership Institute is to prepare future leaders and empower existing leaders in churches and non-profit organizations with leadership skills. The Theology Program and the Leadership Program will fall under the New Life Leadership Institute.

The Leadership Institute will help you to:

1. Apply Christian leadership concepts in order to creatively solve organizational problems and promote healthy organizational development.

2. Facilitate the use of change-agent skills in the areas of program design, implementation, and evaluation.

3. Work with the design and development of strategies that promote personal development and enhance the functioning of organizations.

4. Develop an understanding of leadership from a structural, human resource, theological, and symbolic framework.

5. Investigate current research on leadership.

6. Review leadership models currently in organizations and investigate new models.

7. Analyze and critique leadership behaviors.

8. Practice leadership techniques and report on leadership experience.

The objectives for the Institute are:

1. To empower students for transformational leadership within their ministry context.

2. To provide students with advanced competencies in organizational theory, management, and leadership skills in practice and in research.

3. To enable students to integrate personal, biblical ethics, integrity, moral values and practice with sound management theory in leadership vocations including business, community, and faith-based service.

4. To expose students to business laws that influence leadership, management, and financial practices.

5. To develop students who are competent in the techniques and practices necessary for business vocations, community organizations and other non-profit organizational management.

6. To enable students to demonstrate that ethics, integrity, and morality are in harmonious synergy with sound Leadership and Management theory and practice.

7. To prepare students for advanced studies in leadership and/or professional ministry.

Undergraduate: 120 hours

Graduate:  36 hours

Doctorate: 45 hours

*Practicum and Internship are included*

New Life School of Christian Broadcasting

Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting will help students learn to use recording and editing equipment, in addition to studying script writing and news production.

Radio and television broadcast prepares individuals by providing them the skills and knowledge necessary to operate in that field. Individuals participating in such programs will learn how radio and television is broadcast, the technical aspects of such transmissions, and the use of the machines that facilitate broadcast. Individuals will be responsible for the maintenance of such equipment. As a result, programs will also focus on how such systems work, where errors may occur, and how they may be remedied quickly to resume broadcast as quickly as possible. Students will also learn about the basics of performing on radio or television. Programs are typically offered at the associate or bachelor level, with bachelor degrees offering more immediate career opportunities.

Students looking to earn a college degree in radio and television broadcasting have a wide variety of options to choose from in the field.  Choices span from undergraduate certificate programs to graduate degrees in radio and TV broadcasting. 

Certificate programs in broadcasting are typically undergraduate programs.  Undergraduate certificates in broadcasting are designed to provide students with foundational knowledge and essential skills to enter the field of study.  Certificates can be designed to last a few weeks up to a year in length depending on the program’s design and intent.  In other words, a short-term certificate program will focus on a particular area of emphasis like broadcasting with an emphasis in journalism, online media, radio production, digital production, or advertising.  Students enrolled in an undergraduate certificate in radio production will learn about design, digital production, audio techniques, media arts, and essentials of radio production.

Whatever you want to do in Broadcasting, New Life School of Christian Broadcasting will equip and train you for your career choice.